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JSC Result 2019 Chittagong Board

Junior School Certificate (JSC) 2019 Chittagong Board Result  can get all education board result in Bangladesh and Web Based Result system. Chittagong Board JSC Result 2019 download with full  Marksheet from this site. Now days every man are very smart espically Young generation are very intelligent . All people are use internet and get all information very easily. In the modern and digital time JSC exam result published on Chittagong board own website and also get on http://newbdjobs.com and other website with download full marksheet.
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This year JSC Exam Result 2019 Chittagong Board with full marksheet will release on  31st December 2019. Chittagong Education Board JSC Exam Result 2019. JSC Result 2019 will publish on  Chittagong Education Board own website. Also you can see JSC  result on http://newbdjobs.com the leading education result provider in Bangladesh, very quickly and easily.

JSC Result 2019 published on Bangladesh Education board

Before we are going to check Chittagong Board JSC Result 2019 about the JSC Result 2019 bd let us know about the JSC examinations conducted about it. Chittagong  education board is one of the oldest secondary and higher secondary education board in Bangladesh. It was established  on 1995, when our country are Independent. From the beginning, it was supervised SSC exam result and HSC exam result. But, after the introduction of the JSC exam system in Bangladesh education system, it is also now supervised JSC exam result. Therefore, every year Chittagong board individually published JSC result on its own website.

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2019 JSC full marksheet on Chittagong Board

Almost over 1.90  million students have participated in the JSC exam 2019 all education board.  When are the JSC result published all student try to get their result very soon, But they will face big trouble to get result. All website has a specific visitors . In this case all education borad tries to maintain load visitor capacity, They also try to give all student result quickly. Some time the site may down for more visitor.
  JSC Board Challenge Result 2019 All Education Board
More visitor and more capacity all the fact Chittagong Education Board introduce its own website to bise-ctg.portal.gov.bd  Secondary and Higher secondary board all student in Chittagong board get their result in this site. Also student can cheak their result in educationboardobanglades and web based result system.

JSC Result 2019 CHI Board publish date time
JSC Result 2019 Chittagong Board will publish on 24th  December 2019. Education Minister meet Prime Minister in Gonovobon to hand over the result summary on behalf of the all education board chairman’s. Honourable Prime Minister then result published.
  • JSC result 2019 was announced on 31th Dec 2019
  • JSC result 2018 was announced on 24th Dec 2018
  • JSC result 2017 was Published on 30th  Dec 2017
  • JSC result 2016 was Published on 29th Dec 2016
  • JSC results 2015 was Published on 31st Dec 2015
  • JSC result 2014  was Published on 30th Dec 2014
The results are published at 10 am. But it can be get on the Internet after 2 pm. The official time to publish results is 2 pm. JSC Result 2019 Chittagong Board will be published on Chittagong Education Board Website. JSC Exam Result 2019 Chittagong Board will be published on the last week of December in 2019.

Ways of checking JSC Result 2019

In the digital time, it is not so difficult to collect Chittagong Board JSC Result 2019 full marksheet. In past time students are going alone or along with her parents are used to collect the result from school notice board. They are gather in the school from early morning. After the result publish  school authority hangs the students roll wise result in the notice board and different place in the school notice boards  other palce. From there they collect result in facing a lot of trouble .
Now days and at present 2019 , nobody wants to go the school or they do not agree to wait a long time for the result. Result publication published system are fully changed.  Now you can easily get JSC Result 2019 Chittagong Board in many ways within a short time without any trouble. Just follow below instruction and get your result very easily.

Check JSC Result via SMS

If you don’t  have any smatphone or any computer with internet connection , not hopeless No need any internet connection, smartphone or any computer .Just need a local or smart mobile an SIM with a minimum balance  2.50 BDT. Now days every one very smart they do it very easily.
If you have any mind question that Can I get my Chittagong board result any operator ? Exp- I have an Grameenphone operator sim. Yes you can get your JSC result 2019 with any SIM Operator. Grameenphone, Banglink, Robi, Airtel, Siktoo, and Teletalk. You can get your result with upper SIM service list via SMS.
If you have any Teletalk sim operator , you will get your JSC exam result 2019 very fast and soon. Teletalk sim in your country company sim operator. They are provide all facilities in our country. In other operator Teletak sim are very fast for give result . So if you have an Teletalk sim your will get your result very soon.
SMS Method :
Step 1.   Go to the  new message option on your Phone.
Step 2. Write JSC and give a space ( for space click “0” button).
Step 3. Then write CHI and give a space. ( CHI =Chittagong Education Board).
Step 4. Write your  Roll Number and give a space. ( for space click “0” button).
Step 5. Write 2019 ( JSC exam year is 2019)
Step 6. Send the message to 16222.

SMS Format:

JSC<Space>CHI<Space>Roll Number<Space>Year and Send to 16222
Final SMS:
JSC CHI 123456  2019
In return SMS you will get JSC Result just in Grade point on published time 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm. After 5.00 pm you will get full detailed in your Chittagong board full mark sheet. Here you can see your every subject grade point . Grade point bellow full detail

Terms and Condition
If you think to  get Chittagong Board JSC Result 2019 via SMS  any terms and condition. No not any terms and condition for get result without below condition
  • SMS charge will apply.
  • Keep minimum balance 2.50 BDT .
  • All mobile SIM operators SIM is valid for SMS system.
  • Send SMS after Result polished.
  • All system is powered by Teletalk sim operator.  

Online System for Chittagong Board JSC Result 2019

Now days all people and young generation are depend on Internet connection. When we need any information at first we search on the Internet and get very easily . Chittagong Education Board publishes JSC Result 2019 in their own website www.bise-ctg.portal.gov.bd. Here, you get the result easily. With Chittagong education board own website. This website link  are below, just click and get your result very easily.
Online Cheek Method
Step 1. First, Examination”  filed and Select “JSC/JDC” .
Step 2. Then  “Year” field Select “2019” .
Step 3. On “Board” field Select “Chittagong” 
Step 4. On the “Roll” field. Enter your “Roll Number” 
Step 5. On the “Reg: No” field.Input “Registration Number”
Step 6. Fill the Captcha Code ( the captcha code are see on the image)
Finally, check again & press “Submit” to get your JSC Result 2019 Chittagong Board.
Then see your JSC result 2019 full markshit with how much point you get every subject.

Full Marksheet JSC Result 2019 Chittagong Board

The JSC Exam marksjeet  is very important for all the JSC Exam candidates. In the grading system, earlier marksheet was not seen with full detailed.  But currently, marksheet is shown along with the grading method. For this, you must input the registration number. JSC Result 2019 Chittagong Board Full Marksheet can also get from the www.educationboardresults.gov.bd.

JSC Result 2019 cheek on Bangladesh Education board website

Now days we are living on Digital time here you can get any information just a quick and very easily. You will see your JSC Result 2019 with your own Chittagong education broad site. You also see your JSC exam result 2019 with other website very easily and quickly. You also see your result In Bangladesh Education board own website. This website are Our country  main website to get result any time.  Click here below link to get Chittagong board result .

Online Cheek Method on Education board website.  

Step 1. First, Examination  filed and Select “JSC/JDC” .
Step 2. Then  “Year” field Select “2019” .
Step 3. On “Board” field Select “Chittagong” 
Step 4. On the “Roll” field. Enter your “Roll Number” 
Step 5. On the “Reg: No” field.Input “Registration Number”
Step 6. Fill the Captcha Code  Input the Captcha (For Example: 2+9 = 11)

JSC Result 2019 cheek on WEB BASED RESULT SYSTEM

You also see your JSC Chittagong board result with web based result system website. This web site are very fast and very quickly. You see here your indusial ( one) result and you see also all Institute result , Upazilla Result , District result and all other result use this site. Just click link below and see your result very easily. More information list are below to how to see your result.

Method to cheek JSC result 2019

Step-1: Click on SSC/HSC/JSC/Equivalent Result button
Step-2: Choose JSC/JDC in Examination
Step-3: Pick Year 2019
Step-4: Choose Board relevant to you
Step-5: Select Result Type as “Individual” if it is individual result
Step-6: Give your Roll Number
Step-7: Enter Registration and it is optional that means you can give the registration number or else not. If you enter reg. no you will see full marksheet details.
Step-8: Enter Security Key in the field given there (For Ex: JNibd)
Step-9: Click on “Get Result” button finally
Finally, check again & press “Submit” to get your JSC Result 2019 Chittagong Board.
Then see your JSC result 2019 full markshit with how much point you get every subject. 

Grade system on JSC Result on Chittagong board

JSC exam result grading system are bleow. You can see how much mark get on every subjet. You also convet your mark with use this grading system. Just see your letter grade and write on your letter greads grading point and write your all subject grade point and then divided with your all subject . Example – If your have 13 subject, you will collect all subject grade point ( 3.00+ 4.00+ 3.50+…………5.00) then equal all grade point and then divided with 13 .  More example- 3.00+2.00+4.00+3.00+3.00+2.00+4.00+3.00+3.00+2.00+4.00+3.00+4.50 = 40.50 / 13 = 3.63 GPA.

Marks Range
Letter Grade
Grade Points
80 to 100
70 to 79
60 to 69
50 to 59
40 to 49
33 to 39
0 to 32

More update and JSC exam result all board click here below link-

JSC Result 2019 all Board
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