Dowry system is a major problem in all the country. It damage our community. It damage our life daily activity, lose time, lose money. Now days it is a very social problem in our country and all over the world. It is a Democracy problem. It is a political issue . We are hate this problem.

In the SSC, HSC, JSC, Hounurs, Degree , Dhakil, Alim, JDC, Fazil and many other examination are common in Traffic Jam Paragraph. Here I will Tips to how to write a Traffic Jam paragraph. It is very easily memorable and easy to write. If you want this Paragraph , You also write some Problematic Paragraph. Below this paragraph.

Dowry system

By nature we are social being. We can not live alone. So we live in society. But there are various problem in our society such as Traffic Jam, Load Shedding, road accident, smoking etc. Dowry system is one of them. Dowry system has become a common matter in our daily/day to day life. Every day we find the news of it in dailies. Dowry system is now a serious social problem. It is going out of our control gradually. It created another problem too. We can’t think a happy and carefree life because of it hampers not only the charms but also the progress of our life. It decays the standard of it social living. On account of this problem people have to suffer a lot. The bad effect of it can better be felt or understood than described. Now a day it has been regarded as the curse of our country/society because it   demolishes peace of normal life. Nobody can remain idle in the face of such vital problem like Dowry system. We want to remove this in our country/ society we should take some proper steps. At first; government should take preventive steps to remove this problem. Besides all classes  of people in our society should launch a massive companion against this problem. Govt. as well as the conscious people can play a vital role in solving this problem. Of course the law enforcing agencies must be active in this connection. However if we want to survive and prosper in our society ,we should solve this problem within a very short time.

If you memorable this paragraph, You also write 34 Problematic paragraph. Just change upper paragraph find " Dowry system" and Replace below problem name ( any one) . 

 Name of Paragraph:

01: Loard shedding 
02: Traffic jam
03: Hartal day    
04: Dowry system
05:Environment pollution
06: Air pollution
07: Water pollution 
08: Drug addiction
09: Sound pollution  
10: Road/Street accident
11: Smoking    
12:Begger problem
13: Unemployment problem
14: Acid throwing
15: Arsenic problem
16: population problem/population problem of Bangladesh
17: Toll-connection 
18: Bribery/black money
19: Rape  
20: Poverty problem
21: Campus violence
22: Coping in examination
23: Illiteracy 
24: Terrorism
25: Price hike/rise
26: Political crisis
27: Bad effect of dish antenna/satellite tv
28: Persecution of women
29: Flood problem
30:Food problem
31: Corruption
32: Natural calamities
33: Eftaging  
34: Risk less driving

Here are publish common targeted paragraph and composition are common in ssc, dhakil, hsc, alim and other exam. Here are some paragraph name-  Loard shedding paragraph Traffic jam paragraph Hartal day paragraph  Dowry system paragraph Environment pollution paragraph Air pollution paragraph Water pollution paragraph Drug addiction
paragraph Sound pollution  paragraph Road/Street accident paragraph Smoking    paragraph Begger problem paragraph Unemployment problem paragraph Acid throwing paragraph Arsenic problem paragraph population problem/population problem of Bangladesh paragraph Toll-connection paragraph Bribery/black money paragraph Rape   paragraph Poverty problem paragraph Campus violence paragraph Coping in examination paragraph Illiteracy  paragraph Terrorism paragraph Price hike/rise paragraph Political crisis paragraph Bad effect of dish antenna/satellite tv paragraph Persecution of women paragraph Flood problem paragraph Food problem paragraph Corruption paragraph Natural calamities paragraph Eftaging  paragraph Risk less driving . Also you can get How to write an CV, Letter and Other necessary common exam question.

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