Attitude towards medicine changing the world ।


People around the world are slowly changing their attitude towards medicine. More and more they are turning to natural cures. Natural cures are made of natural things, most often herbs and plants. History says that natural or herbal remedies are nothing new. People used them all along in different ages. Herbal medicines were used in ancient civilizations like India, China, Greece, Egypt and Rome. Some ancient treatment systems are still in practice today. They have come down through generations.

For a minor burn injury the doctor any prescribe you a tube of ointment . But for the same, a rural grandma may put some aloe vera or se cold water. If children have cold in our country, grandmas give them honey and Tulsi leaves to eat. And it works too. If you have a minor cut or wound, grown ups may put some turmeric . We should  save our environment .

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