Who are the intellectuals । What are their responsibilities ? How he gives light to others

An intellectual in one, who is an enlightened person.  He has to give light to others, who are in need of it. In every society, we find intellectuals such as philosophers, scientists, scholars, writers and critics. They have a great responsibility towards society.

All cannot be intellectuals. If a time comes when all are intellectuals, it will be a blessed time, indeed; but at present, at any rate, all are not intellectuals and those, who are intellectuals, have the great responsibility of guiding others on to the right path. 

If today we have our civilization and culture, if we have order and security in life, and if our life is better than that of our primitive ancestors, it is because of the intellectuals, they from time to time have been guiding humanity on the path of felicity and misty. 

 An intellectual should come out of his ivory and try to elevate others to his level. This is the theme of Tennson’s famous poem. : The palace of Art,’ An intellectual has the duty of seeing the truth and teaching it to others. An intellectual contemplates on the eternal laws of the universe to explore the truth. 

The perception of the growth is almost the same as the perception of beauty, and the duty of an intellectual is to see this truth or beauty, and to reveal to others.

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