What is happiness? How can a man become happy- what does happiness do to everything and everybody.

Happiness is the symbol of satisfaction and gratification. Happiness lies at the root of all splendid performances. However, everybody wishes to be happy on earth. Happiness is a very relative matter. It’s a state of mental condition that wakes a man satisfied with his incomes, findings and activities. 

However, happiness can’t be perceived by adopting any kind of illegal policy that is harmful to other. There is no denying the fact that happiness is the vibration of our heart, soul and mind that assists us to sleep a sound sleep with romantic dream. One soul may be satisfied with what one has and what one gets. If one hankers after more, the anxiety to achieve more destroys one’s peace of mind. Some people of the society are envious of other’s wealth. 

One can enjoy self-sufficiency, but utilizing what one has. The more one gets. The more one wants, but one has to develop the mentality to be pleased with little.  Happiness does not consist in things but in thought of contentment. In the real sense of the term, no man can get happiness without being honest and content. It is our interest to be honest so that we may get happiness. 

All those, who seem to be honest so that we may get happiness,. All those, who seem to be happy in the world just to feel satisfied with their own self. Happiness makes everything different. It makes everybody calm and quiet .

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