Proper use of time is at the root of our success in life । Life is short and time is indefinite.

The secret of success in life is the proper use of time. Many of us are apt to forget that every moment is precious. Life is short. Time is indefinite. We do not know when we shall be called away from this world by death. During this limited and uncertain period, we have a lot of things to do. If we waste the precious minutes of our life in idleness, we reduce the hours of work available to us. We will suffer and successes will be difficult to achieve. It is only by utilizing every minute that we can hope to achieve success in our life. Time once lost is lost forever. 

Time and tide wait for none. The boy who is unmindful to his lessons will realize his sorrow when he becomes a man. He will certainly understand that he has lost the opportunity of making himself learned. The young man who is afraid of work and idles away his time, is sure to find himself, in later years, a burden to himself and to others. 

There are some people who say that they have no time for reading books or for otherwise improving their body or mind. They only deceive themselves. If they are punctual and industrious, they will find time for doing everything. The busiest man has, in fact, the greatest amount of leisure , because he does his work regularly and he does not wait till tomorrow what he can do today. 

The life of the great Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar is an objective lesson to us. He achieved greatness in the life because he made the best use of his time. History tells us that men who have left their footprints on the sands of time made proper use of their time.

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