We should respect female। Male and Female work same but it different। Knowledge more

One day Joynul looked for work in  his village and in the next village. 
Village photos

But his luck did not favour him. He was angry – Angry with everybody. When he was back home, Nazma failed to serve his meals. That made him shout at Nazma. “I had a severe headache and a fever,” said Nazma. Joynul was trembling in anger. “The cooking is almost done. Wash your hands and feet. I’ll bring the food soon,” she said.


“Soon ! It will take ages!” Joynul shouted wildly. “ What do you do the whole day at home? I work and earn money to run the family. You can’t even cook my meals in time!”“ I don’t earn money, but I also run the family. I do all the work at home-cooking, cleaning, washing, husking, taking, care of the children- everything” said Nazma. “Remember, you work for money but my work in the home can make the family stick together and make it happy. So both types of work are equally important.” Never before has Joynul thought about these things. He feels guilty. 


Never before has he looked at Nazma with so much admiration and gratitude.

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