The Lion and the Mouse Story । Friends come in all sizes । Never hate all big and small this

hare and tortoise 
One day, a hare was walking in the forest when he saw a tortoise. The hare was the fastest animal in the faastest animal in the forest. The tortoise was the slowest animal in the forest. The hare called out to the tortoise. "Hurry up! You are so slow! Can't you walk faster ? Can't you run ?"

The tortoise felt angry and said to the hare, " Why don't we have a race ? Maybe I can win!"

All animal attend
The hare laughed and laughed, " Sure! I will win!" the hare said. They agreed to start next to a big tree and finish at the river. Then they called their friends to watch. The hare stood beside the tortoise and the race began.

The hare ran quickly and in a few minutes the hare was out of sight. The hare said to himself, "The tortoise is very far behind. I can see the finish line. I have time for a nap!" Soon the hare was asleep under a tree next to the path. 

sleeping tortoise 

The tortoise walked steadily, and on. He didn't stop. Soon, he passed the sleeping hare. 

The hare slept for an hour. When he finally woke up, he looked at the finish line. He couldn't believe his eyes! Tortoise was almost at the finish line! The hare ran as fast as he could, but it was too late. The tortoise crossed the finish line and won the competition! The hare was furious! 

The tortoise looked back at the hare and smiled. Then he said, " Slow but steady wins the race!"

win hare

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