Good Side Common Paragraph shortcut rue for jsc/jdc/ssc/dhakil/hsc/alim- All in one place BD

Some time are not common any paragraph. When every student are think what I am write , they did not find any way to write. If you write an paragraph you will be get 10 marks for this paragraph writing. In 10 marks are very essential for an student. 

If you know some shortcut rule to write an paragraph, It is very easy to write an paragraph. Here are some paragraph shortcut rule. In 1 paragraph Memorized you can write 11 paragraph very easily. 
So don't waste any time ,Memorized this paragraph and write an paragraph very easily. 

Application Shortcut rule for SSC/JSC/HSC/DHAKIL/JDC 


By nature we are social being. We cannot live alone. So we live in society. We can see various types of people in it. Though all are not important but they are part and parcel of our society. They may be different professions such as doctor, teacher, fisherman, poet, singer, player etc. (         ) is one of them. He is a common person in our society. He/she is also an important person. (          ) is an educated/uneducated person. He/she is very well. His truthfulness and honesty are unthinkable.() is a busy person. The way of living of a (                  ) is very simple. He/she is a good natured person. His/her works are for the welfare of our society. We like him very much for him simplicity and friendly behavior. Since he/she is a part and parcel of our society. It is our duty to be careful about him. We must help him as much as we can. We can do anything positive in our society by the help of a (                    ). Above all, he/she is sincere, punctual, honest and amiable. We are greatly impressed by his towering personality.

 Paragraph name:

01: A teacher/An ideal teacher/my favourite teacher

02: A doctor/A village doctor

03: A social worker

04: A fisher man

05: A tourist guide

06: A reporter

07: A poet/my favourite poet

08: A singer/my favourite singer

09: A player/ my favourite player

10: A good neighbours


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